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Updated July 11, 2011

This machine cancel was impressed by a Barry machine that had a rectilinear postmark. Now, "rectilinear" may seem like a long word, but it just means that the postmark is made up of one or more horizontal lines of text. Barry rectilinear postmarks often have horizontal lines above and/or below the text. This is in contrast to the rectilinear postmarks of, for instance, the Columbia machine, or the Hampden machine.

Some collectors call these cancels "straight-line" based on the same style that existed in handstamps used long before machine cancellers were invented. The killers for the examples on this page include a set of parallel horizontal lines, and a set of diagonal lines.

Barry cancels can often be identifed by the fact that the feeder mechanism for the machine was a series of pins that grabbed the card or envelope near its right edge. If there is evidence of slight pin impressions near the right edge of the card or envelope, the cancel may be a Barry.

Other Barry machines impressed oval postmarks and circular postmarks, and included wavy line killers.

There is a bit more information available about these machines on my Machine Web page.

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