U.S. Machine Cancel Finder -- American Flag

Updated July 5, 2011

Your machine cancel was most probably made by an American machine that impressed a U. S. flag as the killer. These types of machines were in use for many years, and were the lifetime study of Frederick Langford. His book has remained the most comprehensive listing of such cancels. Some of the "flags" were in fact banners with slogans or post office branch names.

Note however, that the Time-Marking/Cummins company produced a single flag cancel machine for Lahaina, Hawaii. Otherwise, this style of cancel was not used by any other machine.

It should also be noted, that there were a number of flag cancels created as handstamps. They may look like American machine cancels, but are actually handstamps. They can usually be identified by the large postmark dial circle, much larger in diameter than the circle used by the American machine.

There is a bit more information available about these machines on my Machine Web page.

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