U.S. Machine Cancel Finder -- Service Markings

Updated July 14, 2011

This page has service markings from primarily the Barry machines. These machines impressed several postmark types, including rectilinear, oval, and circle. The service markings impressed included the usual varieties.

Note that "straight-line" and rectilinear postmarks were created by a number of manufacturers, and these same companies had service markings, sometimes with markings, and sometimes with the rectilinear postmark alone. For instance, it is known that some Barry rectilinear postmarks have been used alone as "received" markings (no killer bars, or other marking).

Older (pre-1900) versions of the American machine had a dial with the year date curved in the bottom of the dial. An item below is shown with a pre-1900 received cancel.

The Perfection machine, for instance, could be used as a "receiving" mark, as well as originating mark.

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