17th Field Artillery Band

U. S. Band -- 17th Field Artillery

This photograph was taken in 1918 of the fellows in the band for the 17th Field Artillery, while they were stationed in France. This artillery group was a unit of the Regular Army (unlike later units raised from the draft and the National Guard). They were sent to France as part of the 2nd Division in December, 1917. It's a fascinating experience to look into the past, and study the faces and uniforms of these young men.

They appear to have quite a collection of instruments, not really typical of a standard marching band. However, most of the unit bands were made up of soldiers with some musical talent, using the instruments they had available to them.

The writing at the top left of the photograph appears to read:

Compliments from Bro. Block "Over There"

The large X written in over the tuba player probably indicates Mr. Block.

At the bottom left is a written plaque stating that the band director is Carl Dillon. I expect that he is the stern fellow in the front center holding the baton.

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