Soldiers at Douglas, Arizona

10th Field Artillery Soldiers at Fort Douglas, Arizona, 1918

This is a scan of a real photo postcard. It shows soldiers of the 10th Field Artillery while they were stationed at Douglas, Arizona in the First World War. The Army states that they were at this camp from June 1917 to March 1918. From here, they went over to France. The Army reference indicates that they took part in all of the major battles in which U. S. troops were involved, from the summer of 1918 to the Armistice.

The fellows are clowning around while waiting for mess call. This is a particularly clear, sharp, photograph. You can see all of the faces, especially in the larger sizes available for view on Flickr. Photographs like this are what fascinate me about the First World War era. Take a good look at each face, each young man, full of hope, bravado, youth. The past isn't really so different from today, after all.

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Based on Code by Louis Lazaris. See article and original inspiration.

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