Kansas-Nebraska Overprint on Cover

[Kansas-Nebraska Stamp on Cover]

This item is, unfortunately, only a cut fragment of the original cover. It has the 2-cent and 10-cent KANSAS overprint stamps on it, used from Hutchinson, Kansas in 1929.

The original writer endorsed the cover with the word IMPORTANT. A different hand, probably the postal clerk, added the word SPECIAL, which shows that the 10-cent stamp was used to pay for the Special Delivery service. The 2-cent stamp payed the usual first class rate.

I have since stopped collecting stamps, but during the time I did, I tried to collect non-philatelic covers from Kansas and Nebraska with the correct stamps from this overprinted issue. Frankly, finding examples with higher values was extremely difficult. Most higher-valued items offered in auctions are collector-prepared covers, or are postmarked outside of the correct state or usage era.

This was the only postal history piece that I owned with a Kansas-Nebraska overprinted stamp of greater then 3 cents face value.

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