Use of Old Stamp During WWI

Old Stamp Used on WW I-Era Cover

This cover was mailed from the Great Lakes Naval Training Station in Illinois during the First World War. I have several such items in my collection. The interesting point about this cover is the use of an old pre-war stamp.

I have several examples of the use of older issues of the Washington-Franklin stamps on covers from soldiers and sailors during the War. With the increase in postal rates on November 3, 1917, there was quite a scramble to find sufficient stamps of the new values. I have seen stamp issues from as early as 1913 used on letters mailed by troops in 1918.

This cover, however, has the earliest stamp I've ever seen from this era. This stamp was issued in 1903, and was replaced by the Washington-Franklin issues in 1908-1909! Considering the speed at which the Post Office changed its stamp issues (especially the perforations and paper) in the 1910's, it is fascinating that an older stamp would still be around to pay the postage.

Two other items of note regarding this cover:

Old Stamp on WW I Cover If you have the time and inclination, take a look at the stamp itself.

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