U.S. Parcel Post Stamp Unsealed Usage

Parcel Post

I like these stamps a great deal. They are among the first U. S. stamps to be engraved from photographic images of real situations, not just famous portraits. The images are very pictorial. For instance, the 20 cent stamp from this set is the first stamp issued in the world to depict an airplane.

This cover is an example of the correct usage of the Parcel Post issue. Unfortunately, the date of use is not known. Either this is a correct usage in the first 6 months of 1913 to send out a product sample, or may be a 3rd class usage to send out a printed circular. The latter is more likely, since the envelope flap is unsealed.

This is an advertising cover, showing the logo and name of the Ammonol Chemical Company of New York City.

On July 1, 1913, the stamps became acceptable for any postal service, so you more often see them used for first class letters and cards from that date onward.

See my main Parcel Post webpage for more images and information.

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