Children's Handout Card for a Christmas Seal Drive

[Wartime Seal Card]

I found this card mixed in with some other First World War material. It empowers its bearer (name on back) to be a "Modern Health Crusader". Even though this card was not meant to be mailed, it is in my collection as interesting collateral of the War effort.

It appears that school children were organized to solicit money for Christmas Seals during the Wartime period. When they signed up, they got this card with a Christmas seal on the back, and an interesting set of health-related rules to follow listed on the front.

(I especially like the "sit and stand up straight" message.)

This set of rules should be considered in light of the fact that the 1917 era saw much disease caused by the lack of proper sanitation and diet in the United States. Controlling the situation was a major effort made more critical by the wartime situation. I expect that these messages provided the child with additional education in public health.

Note also the opportunity to earn a "knight helmet" pin, if the child sold certain quantities of seals. I have seen an image of a "Health Crusader" pin, but I'm not sure if this is the "knight helmet" pin.

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Based on Code by Louis Lazaris. See article and original inspiration.

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