Patriotic Mother with Star Banner

Two-Star Mother

Here is an image from a postcard I have. The artwork reminds one of Norman Rockwell, but the signature on the card appears to be Charles A. Maclelitan. The image on the postcard is supposed to be a reprint from the cover of Successful Farming magazine April 1918 issue. The card also indicates that this magazine was published in Des Moines, Iowa.

The banner with the single star was a sign that the house had a son in the military. In this case, there are two stars. The illustration shows framed pictures of a soldier and a sailor. The title refers to the patriotic actions of the three: mother, and two sons.

An image of an actual star mother banner from the First World War.

The star banner appeared in many forms as a patriotic image during the war. For instance, it was printed as a seal, so that it could be affixed to letters from parents of military men. Here is A patriotic envelope used in 1919 with an imprinted star banner image.

All in all, a nice patriotic image from the WW I era.

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Based on Code by Louis Lazaris. See article and original inspiration.

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