Christmas Seal 'Tied' on Postcard

[Xmas Seal]

This is the image of the address portion of a Christmas-themed picture postcard. I have collected this item, because it shows the Christmas seal "tied" to the cover by the Post Office cancelling machine. These covers are quite popular, since they show a use of the charity seal that could be interpreted as illegal. The address portion of a cover or postcard was supposed to have only postage stamps attached in the upper right (where they would be cancelled). However, I have found information in the U. S. Post Office Postal Bulletin that directs clerks to allow this practice during the month of December.

This item was used on December 23, 1914 from Farmingdale, New York. As an added item of interest, the machine which cancels this post card was manufactured by the Cummins/Time-Marking Company. I have additional information about these types of machine cancellations on my machine cancel pages.

Other examples like this can be seen at this page with a tied Christmas seal.

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Based on Code by Louis Lazaris. See article and original inspiration.

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