Christmas Seal 'Tied' on Postcard

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This is the image of the address side of a Christmas-themed picture postcard. I have collected this item, because it shows the Christmas seal "tied" to the cover by the Post Office clerk's handstamp. These are less common than those cancelled by machine. Note that at one time, it was incorrect to place non-postage in the same place on a postcard as the valid U. S. stamp. (For purposes of machine cancellations, the stamp was supposed to be in the upper right corner of the postcard.)

This item was used on December 24, 1918 from a town in Minnesota. The Christmas seal [17k JPG] itself has a particularly striking design, based on the Statue of Liberty, undoubtedly part of the Victory celebration of the end of the First World War.

By the end of the War, Americans were very familiar with the Red Cross, since they had been inundated by fund-raising drives, and the activities of many Red Cross volunteers on the home-front.

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