Machine-Made Postal Cancellations

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I have been collecting machine cancellations for many years, primarily as used in the United States. For instance, as part of my collecting, I created a listing of earliest and latest known dates of usage for American flag cancelling machines used at military facilities in the U. S. [19K Adobe PDF]. This list appeared a few years ago in the journal of The Machine Cancel Society. (NOTE that my address printed in that article is now out of date.)

The current database is located at: spreadsheet with all known usage dates of American flag cancellations of U.S. domestic military facilities of the First World War.

To help people who are confused about the identification of a machine cancel, I have devised a set of Web pages that allow you to identify certain types of United States machine cancellations from the early period of the 20th Century. If you have a "mystery" machine cancel that fits the page's current capabilities, try The Machine Cancel Finder.

Also, I have created a web page that shows some examples of United States machine cancellations, mostly from the early 20th Century. Give it a try!

My Interests

I now primarily collect examples of those machines used at First World War military facilities located in the United States.

I used to collect Perfection machine examples. Here is an older Perfection List (and Wantlist) as a Javascript-enabled page.

Example of Type 1 Perfection Cancel
Example of Type 2 Perfection Cancel
Example of Type 3 Perfection Cancel
Example of Received Type Perfection Cancel (5k)

Many other examples of machine cancellations

Postmarks of all kinds, including machine cancellations and... some of my postmarks and machine cancels from Flickr

In the past, I have collected some slogan cancels.

And a Parting Reminder...

Note that the Machine Cancel Society (MCS) is devoted to studying the history of machine canceling world-wide, including the history of the machines and their makers, as well as the markings themselves on covers and cards. See: The Machine Cancel Society web pages.

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